Name: Congregation Beth Shalom Started:
Address: 1800 Baynard Blvd. Director: Michael Beals
  Wilmington, DE 19802    
Phone: 302-654-4462 Fax: 302-654-4464
WebPage: Email:

Human Resources

Rabbi Michael Beals Pastor

Internet Presence

Internet Access? none
Have A WebPage? Yes -

Background information

What is your congregation's religious/denominational conference or convention affiliation? 5902 - Judaism - Conservative
What would most of the members characterize this congregation as, theologically? Moderate
In your view, would the majority of members agree that the scripture is the literal word of god? No
What is the average number of worship/prayer services held during a week-end (excluding periods of major holidays/Lent/Ramadan/high holidays - also excluding Bible classes)? 3
What is the average number of worship/prayer services held Monday through Friday? 3

History and Property

What year was your congregation founded? 1922
How many years has the congregation been at this property? 50
Property Own Building free and clear with no mortgage
Does the congregation carry any of the following insurances?
Property Yes
Life/Pension for the clergy Yes
Liability Yes
Are there any major structural problems with any of the buildings?
Roofing No
Leakage No
Stress No
Electric No
Heating/Cooling No
Code Problems No
Has your building been surveyed by an architect or engineer in the past five years? Yes
Are there accessibility problems that inhibit participation of people with physical disabilities (Ramp, Lift/Elevator, large bathrooms, stairwell rails)? No
What is the total number of seats in the worship hall, including overflow space? 1070
What outdoor space do you have? Parking Lots 
Is this space made available to the public? No


What is the total number of people affiliated with the congregation (include maximum connected/mailing list/on the roll)? 1200
What is the number of active members (seen once a month)? 100
What is the number of non-active members (seen once a month)? 0
What is the average number of different persons (unduplicated) attending worship services during an average week? 80
During the past three years, the congregational membership has: Risen
What is the ethnic/racial makeup of your congregation?
Black 0.0%
Asian 0.0%
Caucasian 100.0%
Hispanic/Latino 0.0%
What percentage of your congregation are first generation immigrants? 2.0%
Do the clergy use languages beside English during worship (excluding music)? Yes - Hebrew
Do you provide services in other languages?
On a one-on-one basis No
In committee meetings No
Part of the worship No
Sermon Yes
All of the worship No
How would you characterize the age of your congregation's membership?
Seniors (65+) 25.0%
Adults (30-64) 60.0%
Young Adults (19-29) 2.0%
Teens (13-18) 3.0%
Children (under 12) 10.0%
During the past three years, the congregational membership has: Gotten younger
What is the percentage of males/females: 40.0% / 60.0%
What percentage of your congregation live:
Within a 10-block radius of the congregation building 0.0%
Live in the city but not in the immediate community (more than 10-block radius of the congregational building in Wilmington) 0.0%
Live outside city limits (in the immediate suburbs of Wilmington?New Castle County 90.0%
Live outside the region 10.0%
Has there been a change in the composition of the membership in the past 10 years? Yes - young and intermarried

Financial Information

Does the congregation have a 501(c)3 designation Yes for congregation
What percentage of your annual budget is desgnated for social outreach, social action, social ministry and social programs (including clergy and staff time) 5.0%
Do you hold a special collection designated for social care (such as 'Fifth Sunday' or a second collection)? Yes
Did you hold any family reunion or similar events for rent or income during the past two years? No


Position Full-time Paid Part-time Paid Full-time Volunteer Part-time Volunteer
Clergy 1 0 0 0
Secretary 2 0 0 0
Administrator 1 0 0 0
Janitor 2 0 0 0
Maintenance 0 0 0 0
Treasurer / Bookkeeper 1 0 0 0
Social program directors (e.g. day care) 1 0 0 0
Other (e.g. teachers, music directors) 0 0 0 0
Ushers 0 0 0 8
Board Members 0 0 0 30
For senior/head clergy only: on average, how many hours, per week, do you engage in community/social volunteering outside the congregations? 2
What percentage of staff time is designated for the congregation's: social outreach / social action / social ministry / social programs? 0.0%
What amount of staff time is designated for determining the need for and planning of social outreach / social action / social ministry / social programs (planning and development)? 0.0%

Relations with your immediate neighborhood

On a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being the lowest, 10 being the highest) what is your perception of the quality of development in your immediate neighborhood?
  Youth Adults
Spiritual Development 10 10
Character Development 10 10
Social skills Development 10 10
Creative/artistic Development 10 10
Basic educational skill Development 10 10
Do you know most residents? No
Do you view being in relationship with your immediate surrounding community as a priority? Yes
Are you willing to be a part of a strategic plan to address immediate neighborhood issues? Yes
Will you be willing to expend resources...time, human capital, money, as a part of a strategic effort? Yes

Relations with the wider community

Have you done any of the following to determine the needs of those in the greater community (beyond congregational members) which might be addressed by the congregation (with the last three years)?
consulted with government agencies? Yes
consulted with national non-profit to enhance a cause? Yes
consulted with human service organizations? Yes
consulted with community organizations? Yes
consulted with a regional religious body/diocese/synod/judiciary? Yes
conducted a neighborhood needs assessment? No
participated in a neighborhood assessment? No
other? No
Is the congregation or part of the congregation a member of:
Neighborhood associations No
Local city coalitions No
Networks of clergy No
Interfaith groups No
Neighborhood associations No
What congregations do you collaborate with for purposes of worship and prayer services?
Adas Kodesh
Shiloh Baptist
Hanover Presbyterian
Pen-McCabe Methodist
What congregations, faith-based organizations, and religious coalitions do you collaborate with to develop and deliver community service programs (such as Habitat for Humanity, Muslim Students' Association, Hunger Coalition, World Vision etc.)?
Habitat for Humanity for housing
Mazon for hunger
Israel bonds for infrastructure
United Jewish Appeal/ Jewish Federation for broad based social services
What secular organizations or coalitions do you collaborate with to develop and deliver community service programs?
Kutz Home for retirement home
Jewish Family Services for
Jewish Community Center for early education
Do you have a plan to bring representatives of social service agencies to the congregation so that congregation members can be informed and recruited in efforts to meet social and communal needs? Yes - members of congregation involved; Mitzval projects
Are you aware of congregants who work with social service agencies who have or could connect their congregation to agencies? Yes -
Are there any social service or community organizations that are strongly affiliated with the congregation (members are on the agency board, some programs are held jointly, the agency often recognized in the congregation)?
If you are not involved with any secular organization for improving the quality of life of local residents, are you willing to do so in the near future? No
Are there any spin-off organizations (e.g. social/community services) initiated by the congregation that are now independent organizatinos that still may be housed in your building or may have found another location?
Can outside organizations/individuals use congregation space (whether they rent the space or are allowed to use it for free) to hold programs? Yes - available; not currently happening

Urban-Suburban Collaborations in the Greater Wilmington Area

Does the congregation collaborate with other congregations, faith-based organizations or non-profit organizations in the suburbs outside the city of Wilmington? Yes
Adas Kodesch
Jewish Family Services
Jewish Community Center
If not, are you seeking to collaborate with:
Faith-based organizations? No Response
Other congregations? No Response
Non-profit organizations? No Response

Collaboration with Adas Kodesch

Does the collaboration have specific goals? Yes
Does it have procedures in place to measure outcomes? Yes
When did the collaboration begin? January 2003
How many hours per week do leaders/participants from the participating organizations meet (regarding this collaboration)? No Response
How many people from your congregation are involved in the collaboration? 40
From the partnering organization? 60
What resources does each partner supply?
Resources Your congregation Suburban partner
Finances 50% 50%
Facilities 50% 50%
Expertise/Professional Skills 50% 50%
Volunteers (labor etc.) 50% 50%
Connections 50% 50%
Material Goods (e.g. Food, clothing) 50% 50%
Publicity 50% 50%
Transportation 50% 50%
Other 50% 50%
What is the annual budget for this collaboration?  
Where do the funds come from?
For how long is this collaboration likely to continue? 5+ years

Collaboration with Jewish Family Services

When did the collaboration begin?  
How many hours per week do leaders/participants from the participating organizations meet (regarding this collaboration)? No Response
How many people from your congregation are involved in the collaboration? No Response
From the partnering organization? No Response
What resources does each partner supply?
Resources Your congregation Suburban partner
Finances %
Expertise/Professional Skills
Volunteers (labor etc.)
Material Goods (e.g. Food, clothing)
What is the annual budget for this collaboration?  
Where do the funds come from?

Collaboration with Jewish Community Center

When did the collaboration begin?  
How many hours per week do leaders/participants from the participating organizations meet (regarding this collaboration)? No Response
How many people from your congregation are involved in the collaboration? No Response
From the partnering organization? No Response
What resources does each partner supply?
Resources Your congregation Suburban partner
Expertise/Professional Skills
Volunteers (labor etc.)
Material Goods (e.g. Food, clothing)
What is the annual budget for this collaboration?  
Where do the funds come from?

Human Capital

How many members of the congregation possess the following skills/training/occupation?
Accountants/Bookkeepers 15
Artists/Designers 1
Carpenters 1
Coaches 5
Cooks 20
Computer experts 5
Dentists 1
Dirvers 1
Engineers 5
Film making 1
Financial planners/Bankers 10
Fundraisers 3
Insurance brokers 10
Lawyers/Paralegals 30
Marketers 5
Mechanics 0
Mentors 1
Music 2
Nurses 5
Parenting 0
Physicians 20
Plumbers 0
Police officers 0
Reading specialists/Special ed. teachers 20
Small business owners 20
Social workers/Counselors 20
Teachers/tutoring 30
University professors 10
Urban planners 1
Other 4
Would your congregation be willing to participate in a more detailed assessment of their skills, interests, and availability at a later date? yes

Inventory of Involvement in Social Programs

Code Meaning
1 Upon Request or when needed
2 Formal program run on the congregation's property
3 A program run by the congregation elsewhere
4 A program run by someone else on the congregation's property
5 Support for program carried out elsewhere (coalitions, etc.)
6 Support for programs carried out elsewhere by denomination
Go to:
Counseling/Programs for families
Programs for seniors
Programs for children and youth
Homeless and poor people services
Other programs serving people in need
Health programs
Educational opportunities (Adults)
Art and culture
Community security
Community organizing + Providing meeting space
Community economic development
Social issues
Permanent housing projects for needy people

Counseling/Programs for families:

Back to Top
Couple counseling 1
Marriage encounter (retreats) -
Family counseling 1
Pre-marriage counseling 1
Spouse abuse/domestic violence program -
Single parents programs -
Divorced parents programs -
Programs for widows/widowers -
Parenting skills 2
Abortion/pro-life counseling 1
Child abuse 1
Teen pregnancy 1
Interfenerational programs 2
Grandparents programs -
Suicide prevention 1
Crisis hotline 2
Consumer counseling 1
Legal assistance 1
Financial counseling 1
Breavement counseling (one-on-one) 1
Loss of child -- support groups 3
Loss of spouse -- support groups 3
Other healing monthly- Jewish Family Services- Healing Center led by Rabbi Beals

Programs for seniors:

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Day care (older persons) -
Communal (on site) meals -
Meals on wheels -
recreational programs -
Visitation -- buddy programs 2
Organized tours -
Financial planning 1
Foster grandparents -
Transportation -
Health care (physical and mental) -
Exercise -

Programs children and youth:

Back to Top
Day care (preschool) -
Nursery school 2
Head Start -
School 0
Big Brother/Big Sister/Men to Boys -
Mother's morning out/Mohters of pre-schoolers -
Summer day camp -
Before school care -
After school care (Recreational) -
Foster care 1
Kinship care -
Mentoring/Rites of Passage programs -
Safe corridor program -
Tutoring -
Latch eky/After school homework program 2
Cubs/Boy Scouts/Brownies//Girl Scouts/other -
Recreational programs for children 2
Recreational programs for teens -
Summer programs for teens -
Computer clubs/training -
Scholarship for students 2
Adopt-a-school program -
Programs for gang members 2
Gang recruitment prevention -
Programs for youth offenders -

Homeless and poor people services:

Back to Top
Shelter for men -
Shelter for women/children -
Day mission/programs -
Transitional living program -
Clothing closets 5
Food pantries 5
Soup kitchen 5
Health care for the homeless -
Mental health care -
Adopting welfare family/individual -
Financial assistance -
Vocational training -
Job placement -
Legal assistance -
Street outreach to homeless -
Other Mitzvah Way- one day effort for congregates to experience and serve areas

Other programs serving people in need:

Back to Top
Programs for seasonal workers -
Programs for refugees (in community) -
Refugee resettlement -
Programs for immigrants 5
International relief 5
Half-way houses for persons released from prison -
Prison ministry -
Helping ex-prisoners reentry into community -
Prisoner's family -
Iraq/Afghan War Veterans -
Disaster Relief 5
Other bulk of outreach goes to Israel and Jewish communities elsewhere- provide funds and volunteers

Health programs:

Back to Top
Parish/regional health program -
Hospice -
Visiting the sick/homebound 2
Respite care -
Serving people with developmental disabilities -
Serving people with physical disabilities -
Mental health drop-in -
Health screening -
Health education -
Dental clinic -
Medical clinic -
Wellness program (for babies) -
Wellness program (for adults) -
Drug & alcohol prevention -
HIV/AIDS programs -
Diet workshops/programs -
AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) -
NA (Narcotics Anonymous) -
SLAA (Sex and Love Addiction Anonymous) -
OA (Overeaters Anonymous) -
ALANON (Relatives of people with addictions) -
Alateen (Children of people with addictions) -
GA (Gamblers Anonymous) -
Nutrition programs -
Maternity program -
Sex education -
Somking cessation program -
Blood drives 0
Organ donation -
Immunization -
Hospital visitation 2
Alzheimer education and support -
Cancer education and support -
Sickle Cell Anemia education and support -
Health insurance programs -

Educational opportunities (Adults):

Back to Top
Scholarships for students in need -
Adult literacy program -
GED (High school equivalency) -
Computer training -
Tutoring for adults -
Vocational training -
Functional English (ESL) -
Translation services -

Art and culture:

Back to Top
Art exhibits -
Art classes (all ages) -
Music classes -
Community theater -
Music performances -
Artistic dance classes -
Lecture series 2
Film series 3
Architectural and historical tours -
Neighborhood tours -
Artist-in-residence -
Poetry readings -
Book clubs -
Choral groups 3
Radio/TV Programs 3
Other MLK celebration- Thanksgiving celebration in the 9th ward community

Community security:

Back to Top
Congregational (or support for) crime watch -
Prevention of police brutality -
Cooperating with police 1
Community policing -
Police clergy -
Space for police/community meetings -
Apartment security -
Providing security for the property that serves the community -

Community organizing + Providing meeting space for other congregations:

Back to Top
Neighborhood associations -
Protests -
Boycotts -
Inter-racial collaboration 2
Inter-faith/Interdenominational collaboration 2
Suburban-city collaboration 3
Neighborhood cleanup 2
Community bazaars/fairs 5
Historic preservation 2
Thrift shop (99)
Sports activities -
Holiday celebrations 2
Local charity and civic groups (Rotary, Lions, Eastern Star) -
Tree planting 5
Midnight basketball -
Family reunions or similar events -
Other rotates among churches, synagogue

Community economic development:

Back to Top
Co-Ops (such as food, babysitting, health) -
Heighborhood credit union -
Job training -
Job counseling & placement -
Recruitment of new business/industry into the community -
Commercial ventures (retail business, etc.) -
Entrepreneurial training/small business incubation -
Investment clubs -
Civic beautification/improvement 2
Other during renovation, consulting the community

Social issues:

Back to Top
Civil rights -
Social justice -
Racism/Race reconciliation 2
Affirmative action -
Inter-faith relations 2
Pro-choice/pro-life advocacy -
Gay/lesbian issues 1
Women's issues 1
Family values -
Peace -
Poverty/welfare rights/advocacy -
Voter registration -
Environmental action 2
ARC (Association for Retarded Citizens) -
AMI (Alliance for the Menally Ill) -
National Firearm Association/Hand gun registry -
School Choice/school vouchers -
Organizing against drug trafficking -
Universal Health Care -
Other "green" renovation

Permanent housing projects for needy people:

Back to Top
New building initiatives -
Housing rehabilitation -
Homeowner/tenant repairs -
Habitat for Humanity 5
Collaboration w/housing corporations (CDC etc.) -
Collaboration w/groups to provide housing -
Zoning apppeals -
Loans for housing -
Advocacy for housing -
Other support for only Jewish Day School in Delaware, Albert Einstein Academy


Back to Top
What is the focus of your outreach ministry/social action/social projects? Feeding the hungry, interfaith/interracial collaboration, hoping to rekindle what Dr. King empowered in Jewish/blacks relationships
Are there other social services that your congregations provided in the past that it is not providing at this time?
Are there any social services that your congregation plans to provide in the next 12 months? many dreams
Is your congregation actively involved in religious activities to share your faith tradition and/or beliefs with people in the wider community? yes
Do you refer people that participate in these religious activities to your social service programs? yes

Select a program below or from the menu at left

Program Name Program Type Program Description
Interfaith Collaboration 1204 praise services, music, Thanksgiving gathering, educational
Contact Rabbi Michael Beals, Rev. Cliff Johnson: (302) 654-4462,
Mitzvah Day 1003 cooperation with other synagogues and Jewish Federation of DE for a day of service in the community
Contact Rabbi Michael Beals: (302) 654-4462,
Habitat for Humanity 1300 housing for needy persons
Contact Rabbit Michael Beals: (302) 654-4462,
Emmanuel Dining Room 411 provide a dinner a month for three months
Contact Ruth Foreman: (302) 654-4462