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Human Resources

Internet Presence

Internet Access? T1, DSL

Services that best describe what your organization provides:

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Agency Information

What Year did your agency begin operating?  
What is the size of your unit's annual operating budget? Do not want to disclose
How many full-time employees work in your unit? 6
How many part-time employees work in your unit? 2
Does your unit use volunteers? yes

Clients served when working with congregations/parishes:

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Newborns, infants & toddlers
Children with birth defects
Children with developmental disabilities
Children with chronic diseases
Adults with chronic diseases
Alcohol/substance affected
Blind/vision impaired
Deaf/Hearing impaired
Elementary/Junior High/Middle Schoolers
Youth in the juvenile justice system
At risk youth
Mentally ill
People with disabilities
People with sexually transmitted diseases
Individuals on parole/probation
Education prevention for people at risk
Gays & Lesbians
Native Americans
Victims of crime
Victims of domestic violence
Victims of sexual assault
People in financial crisis
Housing assistance
Health screenings
Pregnant/postpartum women

Formal partnerships with local religious congregations/parishes that provide the following:

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  Formal? Informal?

Who brokers the relationship with the congregation/parish when you seek congregational/parish volunteers, money, facility space, and goods and services?

  Volunteers Money Facilities & Space Goods & Services
A board member  
A member of your staff        
A community organization        

Do you get contracts from a state agency to deliver a specific service with the assistance of a congregation or parish? Yes

In the future, what area of services to you thing you might seek assistance from congregations/parishes

Volunteer Information

Are your volunteers from religious congregations/parishes serving as part of a congregational/parish program (e.g., children’s outreach ministry)? no
How long has your agency been working with volunteers from congregations/parishes? no answer
Do you have an organized method of involving volunteers from congregations/parishes? no
Do you train members of congregations/parishes differently from other volunteers? no
In general, do the congregations/parishes usually initiate the volunteer relationship with your agency? no
How do you inform congregations/parishes of volunteer opportunities in your agency?  
Where are volunteers typically trained?  

Rate the importance of the following criteria in identifying potential congregations/parishes for VOLUNTEER assistance?

Stature of spiritual leader  
Perceived wealth of congregation/parish  
Personal contacts  
Board member's relationship to the congregation/parish  
Congregation's reputation and track record of committment  
Size of congregation/parish  

Use of Congregational Parish Facilities

Do you ever use the congregations’/parishes’ facilities? no
If no, would your agency be interested in using congregational/parish facilities if the opportunity arose? no
Do you rent space at a reduced-market rate from a congregation/parish? Yes
Who usually brokers the relationship with the congregation/parish when you seek the use of facilities?  
Are you currently working with one or more congregations/parishes to help them set up services at their facility? Yes
Do you receive any of the following free services from congregations/parishes?  

Relationships with Local Congregations & Parishes

Is the director of your organization involved in his/her own religious congregation/parish? No
Is the director of your organization a member of the clergy? Yes
Are there members of your organization who are members of the clergy? Yes
Has that involvement helped stimulate congregational/parish involvement at your agency? no
Do you formally evaluate the effectiveness of congregational/parish resources for your organization’s program operations? Yes
The United Way of Delaware is planning to use the information gained from this survey to initiate a community-wide planning effort designed to help agencies use the resources of the religious community in the best possible way. Would you be willing to be part of this effort? No
Would you like assistance in recruiting, training, and retaining volunteers? Don't Know